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Our Story

Pepe's was founded in southern California in 1962 by two brothers, Joe and Tony Russi. The restaurant was originally named "El Adobe" and in 1963 renamed "El Jardin", the location was changed several times before finally settling in Alhambra in 1964, where the name was changed permanently to "Pepe's".

During these early years, the brothers often relied on the help of the family members to keep the business growing. In 1963, their nephew "Pepe" was sent to fight in Vietnam. This is when Joe & Tony, out of love for their nephew, renamed the restaurant in honor of him.

In the following years, the restaurant had become a great success. However, in 1976 Tony passed away leaving Joe & his wife Maria to run the business. In 1976, the youngest of three brothers, Fred Russi, joined in helping to expand Pepe's restaurants with the opening of the Downey location. Since then, Pepe's has continued to grow, opening locations in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

Still owned and operated by the Russi family, the restaurants are continuously serving southern California with high quality fresh Mexican food. Keeping their secret recipes inside the family. This is what has made Pepe's the well-known establishment it is today.